The Ol’days and Ol’ways

The course of true sausages

William Olhausen, a young, Bavarian master butcher, falls for Margaret Hafner, the daughter of one of Dublin’s most respected pork butcheries, and pursues her to Ireland. His fine German sausage-making skills and  Irish pork are another perfect match. The young couple marry and make beautiful sausages together.


Dublin passions ignite

Will and Maggie open their wedding present in 1896 - a butcher’s shop at the prestigious 72 Talbot St: the couple’s sweet and tender sausages seduce the city. A second shop follows in South Great Georges St. Their fame grows, with billboards on the Howth tram, and the first ever commercial slot on Radio Eirann. They even get a mention in Ulysees....

"(Bloom) disappears into Olhausen’s, the porkbutcher’s, under the downcoming rollshutter. A few moments later he emerges from under the shutter, puffing Poldy, blowing Bloohoom. In each hand he holds a parcel..."

Excerpt from Ulysees, by James Joyce


The romance continues

Their son Freddie O' keeps the love alive: his passion for quality ingredients and the pursuit of sausage excellence establishes Olhausen's and sausages as the ultimate Dublin power couple,  and brings them to the hearth and heart of many an Irish home. No wonder there's a twinkle in his eye to this very day.

Love is…our famously good sausages.